A Skincare Regime For Every Age
Maintain that youthful glow with our decade-by-decade skincare guide.
Models of different ages embracing their natural and aging bodies in a studio. Four confident and happy women smiling cheerfully while wearing mens shirts against a white background.
Whether you’ve been using the same moisturiser for the last decade (or, ahem, two), you try a different one every month (depending on ‘what’s on special’) or you just saw one on TikTok you want to give a whirl, it might be time to act your age and rethink your skincare regime.


Ageing has a funny way of creeping up on you. One day you’re meeting friends at 9pm for cocktails, the next you’re crawling into bed at 8.30pm, and waiting for your magnesium to kick in. And just as your body and priorities change drastically from one decade to the next, your skincare concerns will also evolve. What worked in your 20s won’t do you any favours at 40.


If you want to maintain a youthful, dewy glow, you’ll need to tailor your skincare regimen to the number of candles on your birthday cake. Here’s how…

Zoe Kravitz

YOUR 30s

The early signs of ageing start to appear in your 30s, along with the complications of adult life, so it’s time to really fine-tune your skincare regime. First step is to establish a routine, one that includes at least three products, with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, along with an excellent SPF. You might want to add in options like an antioxidant serum and some LED light therapy – it increases circulation for a healthy glow and boosts collagen.

Try Caudalie’s famous Beauty Elixir, which is loved by Zoë Kravitz, 33, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 35. It’s a facial spritz packed with essential oils and plant extracts including the brand’s hero ingredient – grape water.

Victoria Beckham

YOUR 40s

In your 40s, your skin becomes thinner as collagen starts to slow down. You’ll find your face is drier, and fine lines and dark spots may start to appear. It’s time to refresh your skincare regime with vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea. Find a gentle cleanser that contains niacinamide, as you’ll get a deep cleanse, without the irritation. As for moisturiser, use one with peptides, as these help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. At this stage, you should be using a heavy-duty night cream, a daily serum and an excellent SPF.

Just ask Victoria Beckham, 48, who has confessed her love for Dr Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops, which provide factor 50 sun protection, on multiple occasions.


Laura Dern

YOUR 50s

Are you ready for this? As much as 30% of our collagen is lost in the first five years of our 50s. This is due to estrogen levels plummeting because of the good old ’pause, and your skin can’t protect itself, or maintain hydration, like it once did. As a result, you really need to be gentle with your complexion – it’s now more sensitive – so dial back on the scrubs and foaming cleaners that worked in your 30s and 40s. Also, always wear SPF, from your face right down to your décolletage; and don’t forget your hands – your 65-year-old self with thank you. It’s back to basics with a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and serum – all oil-based if possible – to inject as much moisture as you can.

Laura Dern, 55, really rates True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil. Especially when people started asking her whether she got a face-lift.


Oprah Winfrey

YOUR 60s+

In your 60s, lack of elasticity starts to show both in the face and the neck, due to thinner skin and weaker muscles. Now is the time to really up your hydration. Look for products containing high levels of hyaluronic acid and natural oils to soften fine lines and soothe dry patches. And moisturisers should ideally contain collagen-boosting peptides and/or vitamin C to boost the skin’s overall radiance.

Try Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer – Oprah Winfrey can’t live without it, apparently. It has been a part of the 68-year-old’s routine for two decades – “It’s hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used,” she said in her list of Ultimate Favorite Things. If it’s good enough for the Big O…