Three Fresh Ways To Wear A Crisp White Shirt
When it comes to wardrobe staples, few can compete with this quintessential classic.

The white shirt has been in style for nearly 250 years thanks to its styling potential and reliability. In fact, Marie Antoinette first wore a ruffled cotton robe de gaulle in a 1783 portrait, causing quite the scandal. Since then, it’s been embraced by so many iconic women, from Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall to Sharon Stone and Diane Keaton.

Now, as we become much more thoughtful about how we shop and dress, there has never been a better time to invest in such a classic capsule piece, or reinvent something you already own. Looking for a little inspiration? Come right this way, madam…

1. COLOUR POP. Ultimately, the white shirt will always be a classic because it’s so versatile; it’s the sartorial equivalent of a blank canvas, making it a match made in heaven for vibrant colours. Wear a cotton poplin, tucked into a fuchsia skirt, like Olivia Palermo, and elevate the look with playful accessories.

2. CLASSIC. Pay homage to style icon and white-suit-and-shirt-combo champion Bianca Jagger by incorporating a timeless design into your closet. We’re yet to find a look more chic than a sharp blazer and tailored pants teamed with a crisp shirt and gold accessories. Neither has Victoria Beckham, by the looks of it.

 When is a shirt not a shirt? When it’s a shacket, of course. Okay, so technically this isn’t the shirt-jacket hybrid must-have, but when worn big and loose over a T-shirt, vest, bikini or crop top, like Nina Sandbech, the wardrobe stalwart instantly loses its corporate vibe, transforming it into a fresh, new, summer essential.