Six Unmissable Podcasts To Inspire and Entertain
From menopause to music, fashion to failure, the best podcasts of the moment are moving, funny, witty and insightful – often all at once. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite podcasts to listen to now.
Six best podcasts

Postcards From Midlife
Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin have more than 30 years’ experience editing women’s glossies between them, including Cosmopolitan, Red, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle and Sunday Times Style. And now they’re on a mission to help women make the most of their magnificent midlife. In this podcast, they discuss everything from raising teenagers to understanding menopause. But far from pretending to have all the answers, Lorraine and Trish go straight to the experts for the best advice.


Comedy and grief don’t often go hand in hand, but that is the idea behind Cariad Lloyd’s award-winning podcast, which explores the human experiences of death through interviews with comedians. In each episode, a different guest – from Aisling Bea to Jimmy Carr – shares their own stories and thoughts around grief and loss. In Lloyd’s words, “it’s cheerier than it sounds”.


How To Fail With Elizabeth Day
Author and journalist Elizabeth Day’s compelling series on failure features guests such as Brené Brown, Graham Norton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. By asking speakers to reveal three major failures in their lives, Day provides brilliant insight that proves every path comes with its own pitfalls. It’s warm, reassuring and fascinating.


Where Should We Begin?

This podcast sees New York-based psychotherapist, and queen of relationships, Esther Perel sit with anonymous couples and peel back the lid on their problems while the audience hears their emotional revelations in real time. Listening to other people’s sex lives could easily make you feel creepy, but with Perel’s transparency and honesty, it’s simply enlightening.


The Guilty Feminist

Comedian and writer Deborah Frances-White hosts this comedy podcast centered around the imperfections, challenges and hypocrisy of being a feminist in the 21st century. She interviews celebrity guests like Gemma Arterton and Clémence Poésy in front of a live studio audience.


Always Take Notes
A favourite of The Suite, this is a podcast about the craft of long-form writing. Hosts Rachel Lloyd and Simon Akam are both writers for the likes of The New York Times and The Economist, and their guests are a mixture of writers, editors and publishers from magazines, newspapers and novels. The conversations are thoughtful, introspective and informative.