A Personal Stylist Shares Her Fashion Dos & Don’ts
Personal stylist Gessica Marmotta has worked all over the world and knows a thing or two about great style. From the art of reinvention to the power of colour, here are some of the rules she lives by…
Gessica Marmotta
For as long as she can remember, Gessica Marmotta has been a fervent believer in the transportive power of dressing up. The personal stylist expressed an early fascination with clothes and fondly remembers dancing around the house in outfits her talented mother had sewed for her because she preferred to create her own looks. Safe to say, the career path she eventually pursued was of little surprise to those around her.

It’s also no surprise that her passion for travel, colour, art and life is reflected in her day-to-day style. Her mission is to teach others how to fearlessly and effortlessly express themselves in their own unique way.


DO Re-Invent Yourself Regularly

“One of my favourite sayings is ‘Edit your wardrobe frequently and ruthlessly; it’s your masterpiece after all.’ The beauty about re-inventing your style is that it helps you let go of the heaviness of the past that is weighing you down, so you can soar to new heights. If you’re in a style rut, or unsure where your style is at the moment, always start with a wardrobe clear out.

Decluttering and organising at least a couple of times a year is the most effective way to become clear. It’s also a sustainable approach to styling. When deciding on what to keep, think about these three very simple rules that apply to work, evening, weekend and occasions:

1) Pieces you love and wear often.

2) Wow pieces that are for confident days, special occasions, dates, etc.

3) Simple, versatile pieces that are interchangeable, or can be worn together for layering, and/or with the wow pieces to elevate your look.

There are three major benefits to decluttering and organising your wardrobe: First, you can see everything, so you are more likely to wear everything. Second, you become more creative with what you have and, as a result, begin to fall in love with your existing pieces all over again. And third, you will spend less money on clothes, which is sustainability at its best.”


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DON’T Get Too Caught Up In The Traditional ‘Capsule Wardrobe’

“Your capsule wardrobe is entirely personal. The basic pieces that work for me may not work for you. For example, I have a lace midi skirt with an elasticised waist that I dress down with sneakers and up with heels. It is comfortable, stylish and different. I consider this part of my capsule wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you need one in yours.

Sure, there are the minimum basic pieces we all should have – say, a white T-shirt and a black blazer – but don’t get caught up with the typical pieces of a capsule wardrobe for the simple reasons that:

  1. a) Every person has a unique body shape and different needs, so their go-to pieces will vary and;
  2. b) It can most definitely stifle you as a person, your creative expression and your visual voice.

Your wardrobe needs to be a reflection of who you are and your lifestyle. Ditch the capsule collection in the traditional sense, stop following others, and learn to develop your own amazing style. It’s never too late.”


Gessica Marmotta 2


DO Accessorise

“Use accessories to elevate an outfit, it’s that simple. My favourite way to give any look an edge, or a point of difference, is the simple art of accessorising. I have collected pieces from all over the world and the trick is to intertwine and make them play in some way; whether that’s wearing a double statement necklace or a stack of bracelets.

I love to add dramatic gold to an all-black outfit, or wear three layers of necklaces with a colourful vintage dress. To start simple, try a scarf or chic brooch. It takes seconds to add, yet speaks volumes in terms of elevation.”


DON’T Forget To Add Some Colour

“Some people can be afraid or unsure how to add colour through layering. Layering adds interest, giving you countless more options, and you are less likely to become bored with the same basic pieces that sit in your closet.

Start with a monochromatic look by paring black trousers with a long black sheer tunic, and then layering it with a black or white jacket, and even a belt, for balance. Use your favourite accessories for that much-needed colour pop.

Even if you sway towards all black or neutrals, adding colour to an otherwise ordinary outfit can instantly take it to another level and really show your individuality.”


DO Dress For The Mood You Want To Feel

“Those who know me, know how much I am passionate about this: the psychology behind what you wear. If what I’m wearing doesn’t feel quite right, it affects my entire mood. That’s why I continually re-invent my wardrobe and ensure it’s full of pieces I love, especially as I age.

Fabric and colour play a big part in feeling good – soft fabrics such as silk or cashmere feel beautiful on the skin, while bright colours provide confidence and energy. Sparkle and certain textures can put a playful spin on your mood. It’s worth experimenting to find what suits and lifts you.

Here’s one of my favourite tips: If you wake up feeling a little low or lethargic, rather than reaching out for comfort clothing, make the effort to pull out something that makes you come alive. Watch how this little instant pick-me-up can change the trajectory of your day.”


For more style advice, follow @stylebygessica or contact her at gessicamarmotta.com


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