Carla Rockmore Talks Fashion Memories & The Secret To Great Style
Plus, she shares the five pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe.
Carla Rockmore
Carla Rockmore, the Dallas-based stylist, jewellery designer and content creator, started making YouTube videos in the spring of 2020, just weeks into the pandemic. In her very first video, Rockmore, who’s wearing a bright blue coat and red lipstick, says straight into the camera, “So, coronavirus. What the f*** do we do?”


Fast-forward nearly three years and Rockmore, who is 54, has acquired roughly 305k subscribers on YouTube, 210k followers on Instagram, and the not-to-be-sniffed-at title of “the Carrie Bradshaw of TikTok”, where she has 1.3 million fans of her work.


With a stunning two-story closet as the backdrop, with its winding staircase and fireplace, Rockmore’s no-holds-barred approach to style is as informative and it is entertaining. From how to make black anything but boring to channelling Stevie Nicks, there’s ample advice on offer. However, the biggest takeaway from her content is that when it comes to personal style, there’s really no right or wrong answer, so long as it makes you feel good.


What’s your earliest fashion memory?

I was seven years old, sitting on my mother’s closet floor while she got dressed for the night. I was fascinated that the mom who had picked me up from school in a pair of jeans was now wearing a fitted, cream, three-piece ‘Bianca Jagger’ 70’s suit and sky-high platforms to go out for dinner. The clothing transformed her – it was magical to me.


What’s the one thing you would grab from your wardrobe if it caught fire, after family?

My grandmother’s flapper handbags and a few vintage baubles.


What’s your greatest strength?

Creative ideas come to me, and I waste no time making them tangible.


And your weakness?

I do too much at once.


Five pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A combat boot, a fancy skirt, a red lipstick, a cream structured bag, and a navy cashmere sweater.


The secret to great style is…

Listen to your gut and don’t be afraid to experiment. It won’t hurt anyone!


Finally, what’s the best piece of life advice everyone should know?

Everybody has a talent and some form of formal education. Throw those into a blender and then fill a void in the community with what pours out. That’s your sweet spot.


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