Create A Capsule Wardrobe That’s Also Better For The Planet
We’re on a mission to reduce the footprint of our closets. One way is with the ultimate, love-forever, capsule wardrobe. Here are the nine – and the only nine – pieces we’ll be buying this year.
How many new pieces of clothing did you buy last year? If you’re in the UK and Ireland, you probably picked up 27 items; in Australia, it was a shameful 56. And in the US? The average person purchased 64 new items in 2022.


Does the average person need that many clothes? Of course not. According to research from the Hot Or Cool Institute, a Berlin-based think tank studying the intersection of sustainability and society, we actually only need a total of 74 pieces to make up a “sufficiency” wardrobe. And when you think that around 70% of the clothes hanging in your wardrobe right now are “passive” – that is, hardly worn or never worn – this seems like a pretty reasonable number.


What’s more, researchers have found that we should only be purchasing nine new garments a year in order to stay in line with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5-degree mark. Given the strain the planet is under, and what we’ve all got to lose, reducing our fashion purchases isn’t that big a deal. If we fail to keep temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees by 2023, scientists warn we’ll go past the (environmental) point of no return.


So, with that in mind, and “buy less and buy better” ringing in our ears, we’re on a mission to reduce the footprint of our closets. One way is with the ultimate, love-forever, capsule wardrobe. Here are the nine – and the only nine, we promise! – pieces we’ll be buying this year.


  1. Blazer

Oh, how we love a good blazer. From dawn til dusk, winter to spring, it looks the part wherever you’re headed – whether it’s a work meeting, a weekend brunch or even a wedding. Which blazer, in our humble opinion, beats all others? The classic, sharp, sexy, tuxedo-style blazer by Saint Laurent. Sigh. One day, it will be ours…

  1. White Shirt

The most dependable of wardrobe essentials, the white shirt is among a mere handful of garments that can exude authority and polish in an instant. Find the perfect fit in white, and then next year you can buy the same style in blue poplin or pinstripe.

  1. Plain White Tee

If you’re going to buy just one item this year, make it the perfect plain white T-shirt. No further explanation necessary.

  1. The LBD

While style’s most famous acronym stands for little black dress, your go-to can be a midi or maxi if you prefer. The only prerequisite is that it makes you feel invincible. A sacrosanct closet classic with the magical ability to be dressed up or down, this is the number you throw on that you know will tick all the boxes.

  1. Day Dress

While the LBD is your go-to for night, the easy, breezy, brightly-coloured day dress is the perfect piece to slip on when the sun shines. This hero piece is a blank canvas; a reliable do-it-all ally that you can turn to no matter what the day holds.

  1. Jeans

Consider timeless straight-leg styles the new/old/forever denim default for your capsule wardrobe. Whether you shop them new or vintage, a high-waisted straight-leg pair in an easy blue wash is the wear-everywhere denim you’ll never tire of.

  1. Cashmere Knit

Find a cashmere knit you love and it will never let you down. For maximum wearability, stick with go-tos like cream, grey and camel, or a classic nautical stripe.

  1. Tailored Pants

Fashion comes and goes, but a few select pieces last forever. One such piece is a beautifully cut pair of tailored trousers. Timeless, chic and totally understated, the perfect pair will have a hallowed place in your closet for years to come.

  1. Trench Coat

Structured, streamlined, timeless. There are several reasons why trench coats are the only outerwear deserving of capsule wardrobe status. This is a tried and true investment piece.


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