The Magic Of Magnesium
It's the 'anti-stress' mineral you need in your life.
The Magic Of Magnesium
You may already be a fan of magnesium (at The Suite, we swear by it), but did you know, it is the one mineral we’re most deficient in – the World Health Organization reports that 80% of people globally don’t consume enough. Coffee, sugar, alcohol and, that old chestnut, stress, can all lead to lower levels, as can certain antibiotics and birth-control pills, which is why it’s important to up your magnesium levels year-round.


Involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body, and considered the ‘anti-stress’ mineral, magnesium is well known for its ability to relieve sleeplessness and relax muscles and nerves. One study found that it helped to decrease cortisol – the stress hormone that can keep you up at night – while another showed it had a positive effect on depression and mood.


Magnesium For Headaches And Skin Concerns

What’s more, new research reveals a link between magnesium deficiency and headaches, and the deficiency could be a risk factor for migraines, too. It can also help improve your skin’s overall appearance, reducing acne and other skin disorders by lowering cortisol levels, stabilising hormone imbalances and improving cellular processes. If you suffer from rosacea, transdermal magnesium may be for you, although we recommend checking with your dermatologist first.


What’s The Best Way To Take It?

Absorption through the skin is just as beneficial as a supplement (aim for 320mg daily), although the latter can have a laxative effect on some people. You can get magnesium oils and sprays, or use two scoops of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) in your bath and soak for 20 minutes. If you’re short of time and in need of some muscle relief, spritz a magnesium oil directly on to the soles of your feet, which is the best place for quick absorption.


Foods That Help

Finally, to up your intake through diet, eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and Swiss chard, plus nut, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. If food has a lot of fibre, it likely has a decent amount of magnesium in it too. Lastly, dark chocolate and avocado are also solid sources… And if that’s not an excuse to make this divine recipe we don’t know what is.


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