Would You Try House Swapping For Your Next Holiday?
It's a simple, cost-effective and flexible way to travel – but you need to do your due diligence.
Luxury House Swapping with HomeExchange Collection
These days, with ground handler strikes, airport queues, missing luggage and ridiculously-priced flights – not to mention MAJOR air-rage – holidays are almost more hassle than they’re worth. We say ‘almost’ because after two-and-a-half years of very little travel, people are itching to get away, even if that means paying over the odds to stay in a hotel you know is going to disappoint.


So, how about considering a ‘free’ alternative to self-catering? A simple, cost-effective and flexible way to travel, house swapping is becoming big business and it’s easy to see why.


Here’s How House Swapping Works

You simply swap your home with someone else for a given period. Okay granted, it’s not that simple – you need to sign up to a reputable specialist site, such as Home Exchange or Love Home Swap, pay a membership fee, set up your profile and definitely do your due diligence. And it’s not as easy as just booking a hotel as it needs a bit more planning. You’ll need time to search offers and then contact members to see if they’d be interested in a swap with you. But converts swear the results are definitely worth the extra effort.


The main benefit is, of course, financial. You get to visit a country, live like a local and save a lot of money on your accommodation costs.  Most home-swap hosts will share advice on local restaurants and things to do in the area, so you’re getting a really immersive experience of that culture and neighbourhood.


Do Your Research

But then there’s that big downside: a stranger living in your home, right? Shudder. This is where the due diligence comes in. Get to know your swap partners on Zoom, trust your gut instinct, and get in writing everything you’ve both agreed to. It’s also worth checking with your home insurance provider to confirm your insurance covers home swapping. If not, some sites offer guarantees to ensure successful exchanges for their members – including damage cover up to $1,000,000, theft protection and cancellation protection.


If You Own A Home Worth More Than $1.5 Million…

Speaking of a million dollars, earlier this year, HomeExchange launched HomeExchange Collection to cater for growing requests from members for a more luxe experience. It boasts 300 not-so-humble abodes from 35 countries including Argentina, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Kenya, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, as well as various islands in the Caribbean. All you need is a pad of your own worth $1.5 million or more. And let’s face it, with property prices the way they are these days, this isn’t as big an ask as it used to be.


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