How To Make Your Bath Better (Ryan Gosling Not Included)
The health benefits of a good soak are indisputable.
How To Make Your Bath Better

Haven’t had a bath in a while? You’re really missing a trick. Research shows that being submerged in water not only increases blood flow, it also calms the nervous systems and boosts your mood. Not only that, but the body can actually burn the same number of calories by taking an hour-long bath as it can a 30-minute walk (we know what we’d rather do). Best bit of all, it’s the perfect opportunity to look after your body, while giving your mind a moment to reset. Fundamentally, baths create the perfect conditions for our bodies and mind to repair and revitalise themselves.

What makes a good bath is entirely subjective, of course. Some like it extra hot, others prefer it super salty but done the right way, the health benefits of a good soak are indisputable. Here are some ways to make your bath time better…

First up, the right kind of salt can change everything. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is great for muscle soreness but can be quite dehydrating. If you have dry skin, go for magnesium flakes (magnesium chloride) instead – these are much more easily absorbed into your body and you’ll sleep like a baby afterwards. Take it up a notch and add in some Dead Sea Salts for extra intensity.
If oils are more your thing, try one or two drops of lavender to relieve anxiety, and opt for rich, fragrant oils like cinnamon, clove and orange to protect skin in the colder months.
When it’s warmer outside, a cool milk bath can be used to treat sunburn or allergic reactions, thanks to the protein fats, vitamins and minerals that calm inflammation and replenish moisture.
Want to take your bathing experience to the next level? Try an Ayurvedic approach. Start by dry-brushing your body to open pores, then massage in your favourite body oil to stimulate your internal organs before getting in the bath. Traditionally, healing salts, oils and petals are mixed with the water so add some rose petals which are said to be physically soothing, and some milk or rice water to calm anxiety. Now, light some candles, turn on some music, put on a face mask and simply relax, reset and rejuvenate.