The Return Of Hair Rollers – Here’s How To Get Big Bouncy Hair
Thanks to the last couple of years spent in lockdown topknots, we want big hair and we cannot lie.
the return of hair rollers
Just as skinny jeans have been replaced by straight-leg styles, and brown matte lipsticks are taking over from understated nudes, so too is the ultimate ’90s hairstyle – big, bouncy, supermodel waves – making a comeback in 2022. Think Cindy Crawford meets Gisele Bündchen backstage at a Victoria’s Secret show (minus the alleged misogyny and sexism), and you get the idea.


It would seem, thanks to the past couple of years spent in lockdown topknots, we want big hair and we cannot lie. So much so, Google searches for traditional hair rollers are currently soaring. We first noticed heated rollers on social media, in the TikTok hairflip challenge, where a new generation began discovering their many magical qualities – Amazon even sold 15,000 sets of heated rollers in just one day, thanks to this single video. And now they’re, once again, the secret weapon of celebrity hairstylists, as everyone from J.Lo to Kim KW and Addison Rae to Hailey Bieber post about #bombshellhair


Whether you’re new to the roller game, or dab hand at it – The Suite loved a hot roller or 10 back in the day – they’re easy to use, and much better for your hair than a curling iron. They’ll give bounce, volume and curls without pressing the hair, and are much less damaging. The finished look isn’t just healthier, it’s more modern and sophisticated. Here’s a quick how-to:


  1. Start by blowdrying your hair straight, with a round brush, lifting strands upwards to give it some height. While the hair is still warm, place your rollers, directing the hair backwards from the face.
  2. Use large rollers on the top sections, and medium or smaller sizes on each side. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl. Clip in place with silver sectioning clips rather than bobby pins, as they’re more secure and won’t leave a dent or mark in your hair.
  3. Give your hair a cold blast all over from the hairdryer, before spritzing with a setting spray. Leave in as long as you can, or as long as it takes you to do your make-up/have a glass of wine/watch an episode of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel (Season 4 finally arrived on Amazon Prime and we’re rather happy about it) before heading out for the evening.


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