Slugging: The New Beauty Hack For Your Hair, Hands & Face
Haven’t heard of slugging? Where have you been?! We’re guessing not on TikTok...
Female posing for a close up beauty shot
It’s the latest viral beauty trend to take the online world by storm, and at the time of going to press, the hashtag #slugging had racked up 308.4 million views on TikTok alone. What started out as a catchy term for slathering your face with Vaseline as the last step of your evening beauty routine (yes, that old chestnut), has now extended to coating the hands with an occlusive cream overnight, and applying a leave-in oil to the hair before wrapping it up in a silk bonnet or cashmere sock (we kid you not) at bedtime. Why “slugging” though? The practice, apparently, leaves your skin as slimy as slug mucus. Charming.


But does it work? Jennifer Aniston puts it all over her eyelids for better lashes. Freida Pinto does the same, for a dewy look. Tyra Banks proclaimed it her “biggest beauty secret ever!” And dermatologists have been recommending it for decades, particularly for those dealing with skin issues like eczema and age-related problems like decreased hydration, sagging skin and wrinkles. Want to give it a whirl? Here’s how:


Face Slugging

Think of it as a way to create a ‘moisture sandwich’ on your face to trap in the most hydration possible. So, cleanse skin, tone, and moisturise as you normally would, before sealing everything with a small amount of petroleum jelly, which you apply all over the face. Avoid using any active ingredients, like retinoids or topical vitamin C before slugging, which can damage your skin, steer clear if you have milia or very oily skin, and always patch-test first if you’re prone to allergic relations. Oh, and definitely don’t use the ‘good’ pillowcases on the nights you slug.


Hand Slugging

This is an intense way to hydrate skin and seal in moisture, and it’s dermatologist-approved. For a quick fix, try using Dr Barbara Sturm’s hand cream. Its hero ingredient, purslane, works to actively stimulate your skin’s defence mechanism. Plus, it protects against irritants and soothes sensitive skin that’s been exposed to sun and air conditioning. Our top tip? Use as a hand mask, apply generously, wear gloves to intensify the effect, and leave on for 20 minutes. Alternatively, follow the same practice as skin slugging, moisturising damp hands, before slathering them in Vaseline, and then popping on some gloves or old socks to sleep in. Sexy.


Hair Slugging

Certainly nothing new, hair oiling is a ritual that has been around in various forms and in different cultures for centuries. An Ayurvedic practice, the tradition of taking care of your hair with regular oiling originates from the Sanskrit word ‘sneha’ which means to oil and to love. Hair slugging practices the same basic formula as skin slugging: applying a heavy application of oil or conditioner all over the hair and cover it with a silk wrap or soft sock overnight. The increased heat under the wrap helps the product penetrate the scalp skin and hair cuticle and experts say it can help make your strands less frizzy, more resistant to breakage, and overall shinier.


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